In trying to keep the tradition of posting a year in review, so here it goes.


This year I worked a couple of different projects. I continued to work on a LAMP stack app which used Angular 1.x for its frontend. I also developed a web based application to assist in monitoring local government, built with VueJS, Go, Elasticsearch, Amazon SQS, RDS and SES.

I also continued working on the next generation of a backend processing system that uses Docker + Mesos, with the goal of simplifying the archtiecture, development, deployment and maintenance. This version of the system is being deployed to production in early 2018.

I was able to spend the majority of the year working remote (i.e. at home) on most of the projects, which has been a great experience.

I’ll list the languages and prominent technologies I’ve directly used, configured, deployed and/or managed this year:

To quote last year, “Needless to say, it’s been a blast”.



I’ve been able to work with a lot of smart, hands-on, technical people which has been great. I’ve also had the chance to work with, and for new clients which was exciting and refreshing.

Friends and Family

Its been over a year since I lost my mom. I miss her a lot but its been comforting talking with family about their memories and experiences with her.

I’ve continued to see my sister and her family at various get togethers which has been great. I really enjoy seeing all of them when we can, we certainly spent to much time not spending time together.

Just like last year, I woke up next to the girl of my dreams everyday. I’m certainly spoiled, but absolutely grateful.

Looking Back

To recap, for 2017 I wanted to:

  • checkout a new programming language
    • didn’t really get into a new programming language, though I just began working with Kotlin
  • try out some new front-end hotness
    • used webpack and Vue.js, its been amaze-balls!
  • kubernetes
    • spent time investigating and trying out kubernetes in small environments
  • get and try out a raspberry pi
    • didn’t do anything with hardware
  • do new things as a family
    • here’s a summary of things we did in 2017:
      • February - hershey bears hockey game
      • March - STOMP music performance at The Hippodrome in Baltimore
      • June - surf and turf date night cooking class at The Kitchen Studio
      • June - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds concert at Merriweather Pavillion with Kelly, Mike and Gina
      • July - Xtreme Xperience, I drove a Lamborghini, Kelly drove a Ferrari
      • September - Family Reunion at Piney Run Park
      • Septmeber - Hiking with Rylan and Graham at Patapsco Park
      • December - Eat a “fancy” restaurant, we went to Ruth’s Chris on New Years Eve

I also committed to exercising on a regular basis (3+ days a week). Kelly and I started in February and she really helped to keep me motivated and focused on my goals. I didn’t make it to the gym every week, but I made it almost every week. I lost 10 pounds and I’m able to lift more, run more, etc. Its great to see progress!

Looking Forward

In 2018 I want to:

  • exercise regularly
  • give up energy drinks
    • I used to drink them regularly, but I cut way back during 2017, time to cut them out completely.
  • read more books
    • I tend to lean towards non-fiction, as I like to “learn” something, but in general I want to read more (audible books count too)
  • take the kids to Disney
  • get more experience with machine learning and natural language processing
  • have a date night (in or out of the house) with Kelly at least every other month (more the better :)

I’m also working on starting something new….more to come later in the year.